Expected Healthy Snacking Trends in 2019

As years go by, more people are turning to healthier lifestyles to better the status of their body health. So, in 2019 it is expected that more people will commit to better health and wellness programs. One of them is health snacking especially at the office. What should be expected as some of their options for healthy snacks?

Vegan’s Revenge

Vegan food, like the people who call themselves vegans, spoil all the fun it seems, but like it or not “vegan” is catching on. Vegans are not boring and static yet ever-evolving. I had a vegan cake for my birthday and I felt super clean and healthy after devouring the whole cake in less than 60 seconds. Check out Kei Kep Yip custom vegan cakes which are affordable and clearly top-notch. Hong Kong is thirsty for them.

Insects, plants, soy, and dairy free proteins are becoming more mainstream hence an upward trajectory for plant-based foods. The trajectory is being pushed by health and the consumer’s desire for diversity along with sustainability concerns.

Freeze-Dried Fruits, Bang On

Freeze-dried fruits especially berries have taken office snacks to a whole new level. The highly perishable berries that people love so much can now be enjoyed in their fresh and nutritive state long after they are harvested. Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries can now be enjoyed alongside your favourite snacks mid-day like greek yogurt or chocolate; choice is yours. They are like super healthy chips. Make sure they are organic & sugarless!

The phenomenal process of freeze-drying is used by A Kissing Tree to supply Hong Kong with a bit of sweetness from natural European berries. The trend is likely to catch on after being introduced in 2017.

Seed Snacks

Seed snacks have existed for a long time and will not go away any time soon. Instead, the trends are likely to change; 2018 was a year for almonds, cashews, and walnuts but 2019 seeks to bring new seed offerings such as Tahini (sesame) and watermelon. These will do for snacks in the office or at home. Remember, handful only.

Healthy snacks are within your reach to help you stay away from sugary & fattening foods! Happy snacking!