2020: Resolutions to Reality

Have you doubted your New Year’s resolution by now? It has not been a friendly start to the year and we have had to make unexpected changes and deal with a new reality at work and at home.

But here we are, surviving.

If your resolution involved food and dieting, it’s best to look at this new reality as an opportunity to get fit and focused. We’ll share some ideas about how to best do it.


In the previous couple of years popular media peddled few diets that were tried by millions of people around the world:

  • paleo
  • chrono
  • keto

It was however the Mediterranean diet that was selected by top influencers as the best diet of 2019.

Is the Mediterranean ‘diet’ the best for the new 2020?

In reality the Mediterranean diet isn’t actually a diet. Rather, it is a long list of foods that are abundant in the couple of dozen countries in that part of the world. A major caveat about this diet is:

  • stick to fruits and vegetables
  • include cheese and some dairy products
  • fish (optional)
  • avoid processed food

Sugar Avoiding Strategy

Because refined sugar is one of the three white foods that we ought to avoid in excessive amounts, along with white flour and white salt, we must be sure to get our sugars from fruits as this food group contains the good sugars that our body and brain need.

A study at the University of South Australia got that we can cut down our sugar intake by around 20 percent on a daily basis if we replace 25 percent of the eventual snack intake with fruit. This strategy can cut down calories by around 4 percent and increase the intake of protein by 2 percent.

Berries Ahoy!

Needles to say,

if we implement just this strategy as part of the Mediterranean diet, we can have our body and energy levels up for the times ahead. A good-hearted reminder is that berries are part of this diet and they are the perfect replacement for sweets and snacks.

So, if you can stay with your new year’s resolution even in these challenging times, what does that say about you? You can certainly succeed until the coming year, even though it is a long way from now. Power up with delicious berries and allow 2020 to unify us and become our show of strength and perseverance to the world.