2021, where to travel post-pandemic?

Travelling is always adventurous and a bit unpredictable, but traveling after the COVID-19 crisis may seem like an adventure by itself. People are still afraid of the potential spreading of the virus, borders are closed and no one is willing to spend a huge amount of money and get disappointed. Therefore, this article will offer you some suggestions and advice on where to go after the pandemic is (hopefully) over..

First of all, we should reconsider the type of journey that will suit the period after the pandemic is over. The focus will be on the places that offer a more local and “down to earth” type of holiday, rather than mass tourism and resorts. Even though the situation with the virus gets improved, it’s recommendable to take precautions and avoid places visited by a huge number of people. On the other hand, visiting local and authentic places will help support local tourism and small business entrepreneurs. So, let’s travel!

1. Menorca, Spain

A small island, close to Mallorca and Ibiza, is a perfect destination for relaxation and an active holiday. Despite the fact that Spain was highly affected by COVID-19, the island of Menorca was protected, mostly due to its location and “low key” tourism. The island is attractive for tourists because of its crystal-clear sea and sandy beaches, but also for the possibility to meet the local way of living, that has stayed authentic and didn’t get too affected by mass tourism. Menorca has to offer much more than only beautiful beaches and welcoming people.

Besides wonderful nature, you will be able to experience tasty Mediterranean food based on fish and olive oil, and the local cultural scene, which is amazing. Menorca is famous for its handmade leather sandals, which can be made in any color, so in this place, you’ll be able to do some great shopping as well.

If you are willing to explore the island, there are many interesting hiking tours, and a possibility to make a daily boat excursion to Ibiza and Mallorca. In each case, this piece of Mediterranean paradise won’t disappoint you!

2. Serbia

A jewel of the Balkan, Serbia is a continental country with a lot of tourist attractions to offer. Serbia is often neglected by the famous touristic guides, despite the fact that it offers wonderful nature and amazing food

The best place to visit Serbia is in spring or summer when the weather is pleasant and the landscape is green and amusing. You’ll have a variety of options whether you’re a fan of hiking, cycling, walking of just trying out local food specialties. The food scene in Serbia is very developed and every part of the country has its own local cuisine.

It’s important to mention also that Serbia is the leading producer of all kinds of berries, especially raspberries, which have the most freshness in summer months. You can buy huge amounts for very low prices from the locals, and enjoy them for the rest of the summer!

3. Iceland

This country is famous for its, not so welcoming climate, but we suggest visiting it during the summer months to get the most of the things Iceland has to offer.

The nature of this island is amazing and breathtaking, which may be especially interesting if you’re into photography or video recording. Many volcanos, waterfalls, massive mountains, and frozen rivers will take your breath away and make your pictures look amazing (no filters needed!)

The island is perfect for adventurous types and not those are just looking for a relaxed holiday, but we promise you won’t regret it.