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Eating Ultra-Clean – The Bulletproof Diet

If you keep up-to-date with the latest trends in nutrition and dieting, you’ve probably heard about Bulletproof Coffee. Sure, it sounds cool, and it probably sounds like something you’d want to order on a busy morning, but what is it? Bulletproof coffee was founded by Dave Asprey to help individuals increase their consumption of healthy […]

Food to make your skin glow

When you look at that beautiful lady over there with her glowing skin, you think, “That could never be me.  She’s obviously using expensive facial products.” Most importantly fruits contain a rich dose of beautifying goodies. These goodies (minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants) help in promoting healing, synthesizing collagen and nourishing your skin cells. The challenge […]

Why eating berries is good for your health?

In today’s busy, modern and, above all, fast-paced world, it’s important not to forget about your own health. Caring for inner-beauty plays a big part in every person’s life. In this article we bring you some tips and ideas on how to take care of your own body. “You are what you eat!” We are […]