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New superfood craze is CBD oil?

You may have heard of CBD oil or seen products containing this compound. Indeed, this has become prominent catchword in discussions about natural foods, exercise and healthy living in general, and there is a good reason for that. So let’s put into perspective what is CBD oil and what’s in it for you. If THC […]

Food to make your skin glow

When you look at that beautiful lady over there with her glowing skin, you think, “That could never be me.  She’s obviously using expensive facial products.” Most importantly fruits contain a rich dose of beautifying goodies. These goodies (minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants) help in promoting healing, synthesizing collagen and nourishing your skin cells. The challenge […]

Superfoods for Weight Loss

As the new year rolls on and people are executing their resolutions, some people will be hard set on weight-loss. As a tough goal to achieve there are several factors that come to play. These include your body type, lifestyle, metabolic rate, physical activity and most importantly, the quality of diet you have. You’ve heard […]