Food to make your skin glow

When you look at that beautiful lady over there with her glowing skin, you think, “That could never be me.  She’s obviously using expensive facial products.”

What you don’t know is that beautiful face over there belongs to Carina. She uses hardly any facial products, but she always gets asked what her secret is for her beautiful, glowing skin.

And her secret is not what she’s putting onto her face, but what’s she putting into her body. Foods get digested and broken down into vitamins, amino acids and minerals that your body can use to create that healthy glowing skin. Most women rely on their morning and evening skin care regime to help keep their skin looking fresh, but things could always be better, more natural.

Most importantly fruits contain a rich dose of beautifying goodies. These goodies (minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants) help in promoting healing, synthesizing collagen and nourishing your skin cells.

Berries in particular are fantastic for your skin – and taste delicious.

They are packed with anti-oxidants which can protect your skin from UV damage. Blueberries are great vascular constrictors, which means they can help to reduce redness for those suffering from sensitive skin. Strawberries help to enhance the production of collagen fibers, which keep your skin looking supple and smooth.

The challenge is ensuring that you have fruits in hand in an easy and convenient way. Fresh fruits are great but go bad quickly and it’s hard to stock up. Plus fresh fruit doesn’t always taste “fresh” and can be very expensive if buying organic.

Organic Freeze dried fruits keep their delicious taste, nutritional value, and bright colors like real fruits, just make sure there are no additives.

You too can change your skin tone and glow by changing your diet to include more unprocessed foods like freeze dried organic berries – you will see the improvement within a short while!