Why WE chose ‘Freeze-Dried’ Berries?

At the very beginning our team wanted to solve just one problem: to replace expensive & tasteless fresh berries being sold in Hong Kong with affordable & tasty Serbian berries.

This still wouldn’t solve the remaining problems berry lovers faced: the pace of quickly rotting fresh berries and the inconvenience of not being able to consume them on the go.

Why not dried berries? During sun drying or machine dehydration a majority of the nutrition, smell, and taste of the berries is removed. Sure, it is sugary and chewy but it absolutely adds little to no value from a nutritional perspective.

Freeze-drying our Serbian berries ensures all the nutrition, fragrance, and taste remains intact.

The berries are in fact consider raw as they are not exposed to high temperatures at any point during freeze-drying.

How is it done?


  • Any chance of bacteria or viruses being carried is eliminated
  • The berries remain a raw food, no high temperature processing.
  • As >90% of the berry content is water, it is >90% lighter to carry
  • All nutrition, taste, colour, shape, and smell remain in tact
  • Can be consumed for years after if stored in a dehumidified environment


Freeze-dried fruit and the freeze-drying technology is not new but it is trending as consumers are changing the way they think about snacking. Companies are following the trend and understanding the healthiest and most efficient way of preserving fruit without additives and artificial methods is freeze-drying.


Freeze-Drying was first commercialized during the 1940’s for soldiers fighting in WW2 and famously used by NASA Astronauts in space, and soon to be used by SpaceX travellers. Even Ice Cream can be freeze-dried!