Make berries part of a delicious meal

We can’t think of a person who hasn’t faced the matter of not having any idea what to have for a snack. We shall start with ourselves. How many times did we think, well, what shall we have that is going to be different from yesterday, and the day before and the day before that one? Once we have exhausted all potential options there are always two types of snacks to consider: a sandwich or a salad!

Now you understand the eternal dilemma that so many people are facing at least once during the week. Worry not, we have some ideas for you, and they all involve berries.

Berries Are A Culinary Ingredient!

First let’s provide some background to state that the combination of berries with dinner-grade food isn’t anything radical. They have the meatballs in lingonberry sauce in Sweden (vegan option withstanding) and juniper berries with fish in Canada. We’ve heard of mulberry sauce as a dip for grilled veggies, and few other things, so yes, some people use berries in unconventional combinations, and for those who’ve tried such recipes, it works handsomely.

Here are few recipes on us for you to make the perfect delicious and nutritious snack (or meal).

Green Berry Blue Sandwich

We fell in love with this one because it’s all about the balance between sharp and neutral flavors. We took two slices of bread (can’t do without it, nope) and lined the bottom one with arugula. On top of that we laid pieces of crumpled blue cheese and threw a handful of our delicious raspberries which were pressed by a slice of avocado. The second slice of bread received a coating of olive oil and the two pieces were pressed together. Behold! A foodie sandwich that offers an explosion of flavors where the key ingredient are the raspberries. This fruit provides the sweet and tart balance between the crispy arugula and the sharp flavor of the blue cheese.

PB&B Sandwich

Next we have a plain ole sandwich that’s been the favorite of so many people, both children and grownups who have woken up the child inside them. If you did have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in mind, you guessed correctly. But ours is with a twist! Our version of this classic American snack has the peanut butter spread on one slice and tahini spread on the other. The stuff that joins both slices in one exotic unison are our berries. Of course we’d pick the healthiest variant, always. Instead of the store-bought jelly (marmalade or fruit spread) which contains an unnerving amount of sugar, our berries come with their own natural pack of this essential carbohydrate. This sandwich is easy to make and can be taken to work or on a hike or anywhere you could imagine. All you need from us are any of our berries. The rest of the stuff is found just about anywhere and you can replace the tahini with honey or just two layers of peanut butter.

Lettuce Cheese and Blueberries

(or Raspberries) Salad

And lastly, for the lovers of a wild salad, we have tried a mix of romaine lettuce and arugula, with walnuts, pieces of white or blue cheese, thin slices of fresh pear or apple, sunflower or olive oil, a sprinkle of sea salt, and for the finishing touch, a handful of blueberries or raspberries by A Kissing Tree. If you throw in there few pieces of bread this could pass as a very light and delicious meal.

And that brings us to the end of our three easy to make snacks that are healthy and delicious, but if you have some suggestions about recipes with berries do let us know so we could try them.