Superfoods for Weight Loss

As the new year rolls on and people are executing their resolutions, some people will be hard set on weight-loss. As a tough goal to achieve there are several factors that come to play. These include your body type, lifestyle, metabolic rate, physical activity and most importantly, the quality of diet you have. You’ve heard it all before but to be shredded it is important to keep your insulin levels low so your body burns your fat reserves. Check out this video that explains this process simply. Totally worth your time, knowledge is power.

Watched it or not, in my books, a superfood is a highly nutritious food that is low in calories. Such kind of foods are essential in helping you achieve your weight-loss objectives. Here are some that will help:


Too common to be a superfood you say? Google It. Apples are yummy to eat and considered very versatile. You can eat them plain or include them in your meals creatively. Apples are rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, as well as essential minerals and vitamins like potassium. An apple a day may keep more than the doctor away (i.e fat).


Almonds are among the best weight-loss superfoods that exist out there. They are rich in proteins and fibers as well as essential nutrients and minerals. Their calorie count is low thus helpful in losing weight. They are rich in monosaturated fats which also promotes skin health. Almonds can also be eaten as a snack or taken in salads. Ultimately, almonds help in suppressing your sweet cravings.


Fresh berries, especially the wild (organic) kind, are seasonal and expensive. But berries are an essential foods for all weight-loss diets. They are jam packed with antioxidants, are low on calories, and promote the feeling of satiety. For a superfood that is available seasonally, how does one get an all-year-round supply?

A company called A Kissing Tree , based out of Hong Kong, specializes in freeze-drying high quality organic berries from Europe in order to give them a longer life, preventing them from being spoiled in your fridge, while maintaining their full nutritive integrity (the berries don’t undergo any sugary additive or heating processes). That is what you want, use them as you would regular berries (snack, overnight oats, salad topper, you name it).

Realize your weight-loss goals by eating superfood!