Sustainable Agriculture

Currently many berry farmers and field workers in Serbia sell harvested berries below the market price due to agricultural decentralization, leading them to a poor quality of life. Our family directly sources the berries from farming cooperatives at fair prices.


Benefits of Buying Sustainable

  • Farming communities are provided socioeconomic equality and are not leaving their communities for big cities
  • Traditional farming way of life and techniques are preserved for future generations to enjoy
  • Serbian farmers typically have small family farms; keeping them on the farms reduces the possibility of land selloff to big corporates to exploit land for mass production
  • No mass exploitation of land ensures the natural quality of the soil stays high, with a rich biodiversity of organisms

What to do with our glass jars?

Good health & well-being

Fuel yourself for a great life
  • Don’t be restrictive and don’t punish yourself, enjoy life, try to eat foods that are health all around and spoil yourself as well – it’s all about balance
  • Eat foods with few simple ingredients
  • Eat Organic to avoid GMOs and toxins
Get out there and move
  • Walk the streets, explore your city
  • Hit the gym, play sports
  • Join a local task-force, volunteer
Create your own peace
  • Spiratuality
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Breath Breaks
  • Mindfulness