The Wonderful Health Benefits of Berries

For every occasion, social or individual, there is a choice of food to be made. Those who are particular about their food choices seem to follow one motto: fresh is king! What do we mean by that?

Fresh foods are mostly a single-ingredient foods that have retained their original shape, taste and smell.  Deep-frozen berries are freshly-harvested pieces of goodness that have been given the cold treatment in order to preserve their freshness for as long as possible, and without the need to throw in any additives and chemicals.

And why is there such a huge demand for berries? Let’s give that question a simple answer: because berries are superfoods! Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries – not only is each of these delicious, but also very beneficial to the body and soul.

Berries are powerful antioxidants that are low on sugar. The color purple in fruits and vegetable comes from the anthocyanins, which are associated with anti-inflammatory properties and are known to work against the diseases of today’s world: heart disease and cancer.

A steady intake of the type of purple and red berries that we so proudly supply fresh from the forest, can only strengthen a health-conscious food diet. Here are some ideas about where berries are to be enjoyed with gusto and where they work like a charm.


New runners beware! Your favorite pastime is an excellent workout – good for weight-loss, good for the heart and for your posture. But running also causes muscle inflammation, so it is very important to take food that is rich in antioxidants and amino-acids following the activity. For example, blueberries have more than 10 amino acids, contain almost 10mg of vitamin c per 100 gram of product and deliver a succulent taste – that is just what you need after that 3km run.


It seems almost certain that yoga is going to become a standard practice from elementary schools to universities to the office, and perhaps even the production facility. But before it becomes big on that level, people will continue enjoying the benefits of the unison of mind and body of this ancient technique. Yoga and healthy food go hand in hand, and we’ve tried it – our berries work like a charm after a session of stretching, bending and meditating. If you go into a gentle lull following your yoga class, pop-in a handful of berries and get both the good sugar and the tasty punch that awakens your sleepy senses.


This is probably the most ancient form of staying fit. we’ve come a long way since our nomadic past, but hiking is still one of the most widely enjoyed ways of keeping your body in motion. You can take a power-walk in the local park or head to the nearest nature trail to do the same. Whatever your destination, do pack some wild raspberries with you, or for that matter, any kind of our freshly-picked berries, because even walking can make you break sweat, and you do need to replenish your burned sugars with something that is healthy and delicious at the same time.

Rock Climbing

Doesn’t matter if you are a professional or just the occasional rock climber, whether you hit the rock-gym or the rough boulders somewhere out, this sport is challenging and demanding. Rock climbing is known to strain every muscle group and requires some quick thinking. That’s exactly what makes it appealing to so many people, so why not do it right? Pick your choice of berries to replenish your body’s amino acids and the dietary fiber that gets eaten by the sport. Take raspberries, for example, with their full 7 grams of fiber per 100g and only five grams of sugar.

Have you got another activity?

No one said that you have to be a decathlon runner to enjoy the most delicious natural berries in the world. Just enjoy their taste and health benefits. Discover it all first hand by getting your supply from our online store.