Top 9 Healthy and Convenient Office Snack Ideas

Eating healthy at work needs willpower and courage. We understand it is difficult to stop yourself from digging into some delicious sugary supply of trans fat loaded snacks and sweets, especially when you have office celebrations every now and then or a colleague who loves bringing in sweets to share. But, if you get around avoiding these unhealthy snacks at work and go for nutritious choices, it has its perks too. Apart from the fact that it’s a healthy choice to make, it will also help you stay focused at work by stabilizing your blood sugar levels so those yawns won’t get you in trouble. Here are some interesting tips to stay healthy at work and great ideas for your office snacks.


Tips to help you plan your Office Snacking:

  1. Watch out for your portion sizes, a good snack should not be more than 200 calories (i.e a handful of anything)
  2. Ensure your snack has something to offer like vitamins or a good content mixture of protein and fibre to keep you plugged until your next meal.
  3. Stock up on snacks for your weekdays at work during the weekend or orders them into work online. Plan your snack options and keep switching them every now and then. This will help you get away from your sugary temptations.
  4. Snacking in the afternoon will not only help you keep your hunger at bay but also keeps blood sugar even and gets rid of your acidity.

Top 9 Office Snack Ideas:


Freeze-dried organic berries: This trending Cali-lifestyle snack idea is equivalent to eating fresh berries without all the hassles of washing them and seeing them go bad after paying a small fortune. It’s a nutritious & crunchy snack consisting of Vitamins like C, A, and K.


Seeds: This easy to story snack is a great source of protein and help you reduce the risk of breast cancer and control blood sugar level. Pumpkin seeds, Flaxseeds and sunflower seeds are highly recommended.


Mixed nuts: Eat mixed nuts, preferably almonds and cashews moderately. If consumed in the right quantity, it will help you lose weight and reduce the risk of having heart diseases, certain cancers and depression.


Oatmeal Packets: Choose an unflavoured oatmeal packet for your office snack and add cinnamon, freeze-dried berries and fresh fruits to the mug while preparing it. This snack helps you lower your cholesterol level and reduces the risk of heart disease.


Kale Chips: This immensely healthy snack is loaded with fibre antioxidants that help decrease blood pressure, great for Vitamins like A, C and K.

Greek yoghurt with berries: This combination of mixed berries with Greek yoghurt a nutrient-dense palatable snack which is a good source of calcium, protein and potassium.


Whole Food Granola Bars: They are one of the easiest, wholesome and delicious snacks for office. Take a look at the ingredients before picking it up off the shelf at a grocery store. You would want to go for the ones with all-natural ingredients, with no trans-fat and no cholesterol.


Roasted Chickpeas: This is a protein-rich, high fibre containing crunchy snack is an easy fix. Whether you choose to prepare it at home, or but pre-packaged ones, they are good to curb your appetite.

Dark Chocolates: 
For most, chocolates may not sound the best choice for diets, but did you know that dark chocolate with over 72% of cocoa is a good source of magnesium which is a stress-reliever. Dark chocolate works out to be one of the protein filled satisfying snacks you’ll find.


Sometimes, all you need is a good snack and when you have it conveniently within reach it always helps you stay away from fattening alternatives. We’d love to hear your thoughts too. If you enjoyed the read or would like to add in some healthier tips to share with the working world, feel free to drop in a comment below.

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