Why trainers recommend the KETO diet?

When people first come to know about the ketogenic (keto) diet one of the first things they do is Google the dos, and do-nots.

As a matter of first importance it’s indispensable to understand what the ketogenic diet truly is and what it’s about.

It’s worth noting before you read below that eating whole & unprocessed foods is the best way to stay healthy regardless of your weight goals.

What is Keto?

The keto diet is a low carb, moderate protein, and high-fat eating schedule. The goal of this eating routine is to get your body into a metabolic state known as ketosis.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis happens when your body has missed the mark on its glycogen (sugar) stores so it needs to find another fuel source. Exactly when this happens your liver begins to process fat into ketones which transform into your body’s principal fuel source.

Essentially, your fuel is your fat, and most of us have a lot to spare.


Behind the scenes

At the moment when your body enters ketosis, both your glucose and insulin levels drop. This truly empowers the fat cells to release the water they’ve been holding.

After that happens the fat cells are sufficiently small enough to enter the liver where they can be converted into ketones.

The method continues to move you along as long as you’re in ketosis and not spiking your insulin levels with sugars and carbs.

Appetite control

Astonishing results can be achieved when your routine isn’t carb and sugar generous. After a bit of time of course. Apart from losing weight your stomach won’t be roaring asking you for donuts or your secret chocolate stash. The taste of them will be too sugary and not enjoyable.

Frankly, sometimes it feels like getting to that point is impossible living in a house that is sugar and carb friendly so try your best to get everyone in on it or at least support you and your goals.

Steady Mental Focus

The issue with carbs & sugars, when it comes to retaining mental focus, is that your brain, like the rest of your body, is used to getting a bump (short high) when it completes a task, especially in offices where mental work is required. When you’re in ketosis on the other hand your cerebrum uses ketones as a fuel source which is a slow and steady anticipated fuel source.

Eventually, your brain will learn to stay focused for broad stretches of time without the need to indulge in your secret chocolate stash. Did I mention you will be looking fit. Yep, you will.

Balanced energy output

Don’t think, low sugar, low energy. It’s all about changing your bodies behaviour into releasing energy in a steady fashion. In a long race, the winner of the 10km run is not the one who runs the fastest in the first 100m but the one who finishes the race first at the 10km mark.

Imagine a reality where you don’t feel like you need to rest after lunch? That is the lifestyle of ketogenic dieter. Stay fit friends!