New superfood craze is CBD oil?

You may have heard of CBD oil or seen products containing this compound. Indeed, this has become prominent catchword in discussions about natural foods, exercise and healthy living in general, and there is a good reason for that. So let’s put into perspective what is CBD oil and what’s in it for you.

It is safe to conclude

that a huge majority of those who’ve tried CBD have had a positive experience with it, to say the least. Unlike its cousin THC, CBD is a wondrous compound with little if any side effects. But let’s start with the basics. The general definition about what it means to ‘get high’ off of cannabis has changed significantly in recent times. This is all thanks to the separation of the two active compounds in this historically ancient and significant plant.

If THC is this potentially naughty, mercurial character that meddles with our cognitive functions and the workings of the mind, then CBD is his well-behaved cousin who isn’t known for making incursions into the head. Instead, the reputable cannabidiol has benign effects on the body, without rubbing off on the cognitive processes, thus contributing to the experiencer having a smooth going.

CBD is responsible for

the proverbial ‘body high’ that is part of the experience of smoking marijuana. The effects from taking CBD oil cause the body’s muscle mass to become sensitized, with the skin’s cells and tissues gaining an acute awareness of their own. You feel casually relaxed, but your cognition and locomotive abilities remain perfectly sound and in the present.

It isn’t hard to imagine many different ways in which to utilize the boons of CBD oil towards living a healthy life. All we have to do is open up to the possibilities and adhere to the basics: good food, exercise and clearing the mind from the stressors that may have pent-up during the day. Nevertheless, here are some suggestions about how to put CBD oil to good use and towards maintaining a good health.

You can give yourself a massage

and flex those muscle groups that need more attention. CBD oil mellows out your muscle memory, so you can really feel the effects when you sit reclined on a pillow and rub the soles of your feet or when you massage your thighs and calves. Alternating between that and going in circular motions with the heel of your palm relaxes the muscle groups which become numbed down from excessive sitting. Needless to say, CBD is the facilitator to that feel-good feeling.

CBD also helps the entire organism become attuned to any area that is endowed with lush vegetation. Have you ever had that feeling? Perform some basic breathing exercises while sitting or standing and you can bring about nature’s vibe right into your being. The simple function of walking becomes even more pleasurable while the CBD oil is keeping you company. Simply send your mind grazing on vast green meadows while you work up your posture into a pleasant gait, regardless of whether you are strolling on the sidewalk, walking a park trail or hiking at a natural reserve. And while at it, it is always smart to keep a handful of berries which boost your experience with vitamins, tannins and the tart flavor that gives your taste buds a rejuvenating jolt.

Another wonderful health benefit is venturing into your yoga class with some CBD in your system. Those who’ve tried it know that beautiful feeling of your body becoming liquid. Getting there requires a dedicated yoga practice and taking light meals an hour or more before your session. Helping yourself to some light snacks or berry superfoods is always beneficial. To heighten your experience of CBD-inspired dive into the mind of the yogi, stimulate your taste buds with fresh or dried berries, juices and herbal teas.

You can always treat yourself

to a meditative meal by sorting out a light selection of healthy snacks on a platter, such as a bulb of kiwi or a banana to go along with a helping of berries, walnuts and almonds; perhaps throw in couple of dates which you can dab into a mixture of a pinch of salt with sesame and black seed, and  then rinse your mouth with a cup of green tea and there you have a super-fun and healthy meal.

Those who are well-versed in the art of enlightened living will tell you that eating and living healthy comes down to creativity, and the possibilities are endless, even more so with the help of CBD oil. So enjoy yourself, always.